Innovation is our trade - since 1987.

We help you to find new solutions, either by improving your existing products, or by inventing entirely new concepts and designs.

Our small company is independent, and totally devoted to the art of design and development. Our strength is our craftsmanship: the combination of talented employees, knowledge, skills and creativity.



INNAS can help you with your own product development. We are proud of the many small, but also very large companies we have helped in the past decades. We cooperate with universities all over the world, utilizing the latest scientific findings and developments. Yet, we are not an academic institute. We are aware of the restraints and demands of the market and are used to the time and cost pressure of your industrial projects.


INNAS also engineers its own, unique products, especially for the fluid power market. The product development is continued to the point where critical risks have been eliminated and the industry is willing to take the new product into production. Being the owner of the industrial property, the technology is transferred to the industry by means of licenses.



New report on benchmarks tests - efficiency of hydraulic pumps & motors


In 2019 a new approach for measuring the losses  of hydraulic pumps was proposed together with an international group of leading fluid power experts. Following this approach, we started a process of benchmark tests in which representative hydraulic machines are compared under equal circumstances, and avoiding the inconsistencies of ISO 4409.


The results of these benchmark tests are now presented in an extensive report and are covering pumps and motors from several leading pump manufacturers. The full report can be downloaded here.

Innas presented at the  IFK -  virtualy held in Dresden


The International Fluid Power Conference was also a virtual event this year, and was hosted from Dresden.  Peter Achten presented a paper on pistons and cup design and the influence of these components on the total pump efficiency. The paper can be downloaded from our download page or by clicking on this link. The video of the virtual presentation is available through our YouTube channel, or start the video on the right.

Innas presented at the  FPMC -  virtualy held in Bath, UK


As many other events in 2020, the Fluid Power and Motion Control Conference was changed to a virtual event last September. At the conference, Innas  presented a paper on an innovative hydrostatic bearing for hydraulic pumps and motors. The bearing is applied in the Floating Cup pumps and motors and largely contributes to the very high efficiency of these products. The scientific paper and the slides of the presentation are now available on our download page, and the video of the virtual presentation is available through our YouTube channel.

Robert E. Koski Medal 2019 awarded  to Peter Achten by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Innas is proud to announce that Peter Achten received  the Robert E. Koski Medal 2019 from the ASME Fluid Power Systems and Technology Division, awarding his "exeptional and sustained contributions to the advancement of fluid power motion and control as designer and innovator, and as presenter of novel fluid power concepts across the globe". Peter Achten was honoured to receive the medal from Bob Koski's wife Beverly and daughter Christine Koski.  The medal ceremony took take place on October 8, 2019 during the FPMC Symposium in Sarasota, Florida.


In the accompanying Koski lecture, Peter Achten addressed innovation, cuckoo clocks and summarises the -still topical- vision of fluid power "coxswains" of the last 50 years. The presentation called "Where is the coxswain?" can be found here."

Peter Achten on more accurately measuring hydraulic pumps and motors at the FPMC 2019, ASME/Bath Symposium


On Tuesday October 8th, Peter Achten presented a paper on 'Measuring the Losses of Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors'. The paper addresses the  limiting aspects of the current ISO 4409 standards when accurately measuring hydraulic pumps and motors. The presentation can he downloaded here.

BUCHER HYDRAULICS introduces revolutionary

AX pumps & AX motors  at BAUMA Munich


April 8th, 2019

At the BAUMA in Munich, Germany, BUCHER HYDRAULICS highlighted their new line of axial piston products, the highly efficient AX Pumps and AX Motors.


The AX pump was also demonstrated by MECALAC in their versatile e12 full electric excavator,  and by MultiOne in a compact loader.


More technical information on Innas' Floating Cup Technology can be found here, or feel free to contact us for more information.

Fluid power memes and genes: Innas at SICFP 2019


From May 22nd to 24th, 2019 the Tampere University of Technology and Global Fluid Power Society hosted the 16th Scandinavian Conference on Fluid Power, at Tampere Hall.


Peter Achten gave a keynote speech addressing the genes and memes of hydraulics. He presented his vision for the future direction of the hydraulic industry with special attention for sharks, mice and a poor albatross chick.


The slides of his presentation can be downloaded here.


Innas at the ASME/BATH symposium


In Bath, UK the symposium on Fluid power and motion control was held from September 12-14.  Peter Achten presented Innas' latest paper on the low speed performance of hydraulic machines. Low speed performance is important for smooth motor behaviour and reducing motor sizes. Also electro-hydraulic actuators benefit from pumps that can perform efficient in a broad range from zero to high speed. Peter Achten's presentation compares measurements on several pump types, including the new Floating Cup design.

The slides of his presentation can be found on our download page or by clicking here.  The paper is available here.


Vacancies (2) Mechanical Engineer MSc / BA


Due to an expanding workload in hydraulic pump & motor design, Innas has room for 2  mechanical engineers.


Innas' clients are industries in hydraulics, mobile machinery, automotive, aerospace and off-shore. Experience in piston pump design is not expected, but a strong belief that hydraulics can be strongly improved, is advantageous.


We prefer to work in multiple disciplines, covering a mix of design work, calculation and drawing, (FEM) analyses, but also testing & analysing of our products. But in case you are an expert in one of these fields, you are also welcome to apply.


We try to seek the most efficient and sustainable solutions.  These solutions also need to be better, technical and economical. In the end, we need to be able to sell our developments, for example by technology licensing.


Call or email Rob van Malsen for information: +31 76 5424080.



Floating Cup Licence granted - mobile & industrial markets


Breda, January 2015

Innas announces that it has granted a (non-exclusive) license agreement for the Floating Cup technology, for use in hydraulic pumps and motors. The licensed area is world-wide. The field of use includes mobile equipment such as construction and agricultural machinery and industrial applications. The licensee, which is a leading supplier in the international hydraulic market, has chosen to make further announcements in a later stage.





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