Innovation as

key competence

INNAS has a built a track record of supporting innovation processes. We are proud of the clients that invited us to participate in their in development projects.


We believe that innovation is a skill, and we managed to find the engineers who can deal with the uncertainty of following a path less travelled by.


We also learned that the innovation skill can be trained. We developed the processes to explore and realize alternative solutions, instead of the incremental changes of an existing product.


Present in all our development projects is the conviction that a high energy efficiency, low emissions and careful use of valuable materials are key for a successful future product.


expertise fields

Mechanical engineering


Drive trains

We do not focus on hydraulics only: we are mechanical engineers, working on drive and energy systems in the broadest way. We learned not to exclude but to consider all options. For us, technologies, old and new are as a box of LEGO for product development.


Due to our long history in hydraulics, we became experts in hydraulic components. As we also experienced a lot of failures in the design of our pumps, valves and other components, we can successfully help you to avoid them.



We also developed and helped to improve drive trains for both mobile and stationary machinery, off-road and automotive. The projects can vary from from analysing and solving a failing component, to a turn key project for a vehicle or machine.


R&D Process

Product improvement

Technology roadmapping

Process improvement

At Innas, we believe that a changing world around us offers opportunities. We like to assess the changing environment of a product. Explore how we can use new technologies for improving a product, a process or service. We can help to accelerate your development project, or assist you in developing new, competitive products.

We follow the hydraulics developments of universities and industries on a global scale, through participation in conferences and congresses. We have a broad view on the different potential and emerging technologies of the hydraulic industry. We offer support in finding the best technical paths for your product roadmap, or to be prepared for future developments.

We enjoy sharing our broad experience in the creative process of innovation and product development with your organization. For example through a workshop. In one or two days we can make a huge step in a getting a development project on track. More important, we target to improve the cooperation and creativity in a development team, and get the most out of all team members.



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