The principle

Basic priciple



The Chiron combines an internal combustion engine and a hydraulic pump in one single, integrated design. The core of this engine is a combustion piston directly coupled to a hydraulic piston. The piston is not connected to any mechanism but is free to move within the limitations of the cylinders. In this way the energy of the combustion process is almost directly converted into hydraulic energy.

Free piston engines offer advantages in tems of efficiency, manufacturing costs and emissions. Compared to a conventional combination of a pump and a combustion engine, the number of parts is reduced to approximately 40%.


Free piston engines also offer advantages in tems of low emissions. By its nature, it offers a HCCI-combustion process. This results in a combination of low soot and low NOx emissions.



Innovation heritage

In the Greek Mythology Chiron was a centaur, having the upper body of a man, and the lower body of a horse. When our Free Piston Engine was characterized as "horsepower with brains", we decided to name our latest prototype "Chiron", after the wisest among the centaurs.

For us, the Free piston engine project is meanwhile considered as our heritage. In 1987 our company started with this development project, which ended with licensing out the technology in 2000.

What we inherited is the believe that hydraulics offer advantages that no other drive technology can offer in terms of flexibility and power management. Besides that hydraulics offer a tremendous potential for innovation.


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