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INNAS has developed a new concept for hydrostatic machines. In the new, so called Floating Cup Technology (FCT) several patented inventions have been combined. The technology can be applied in constant and variable displacement machines.

 The technology is fully developed and available through technology licensing. The first non-exclusive licenses for certain market area's are granted. More details...


Valve control results in losses. High losses. Many hydraulic systems have efficiencies of 25% or less. The hydraulic transformer is a way to decimate these losses and strongly improve the efficiency of hydraulic systems. INNAS has developed a new concept of a hydraulic transformer which is both compact and efficient. Industries can cooperate through co-development or by being involved in integration projects with OEM's. Read more...


Hydraulic accumulators are ideal for power management and energy recuperation. Combined with the extremely efficient Floating Cup machines, it is possible to strongly reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles, both on-road and off-road. We call it the HYDRID drive system.


Shuttles reduce the noise of hydraulic pumps and lower commutation losses, increasing pump efficiency.

The reduced noise and increased efficiency allow higher pump speed, matching electric motors. Shuttles are an universal solution and can be applied in all types of piston pumps and motors. More information here...


In a free piston engine, the (axial) piston movement is not defined by a mechanism, but is free to reponse to the forces acting on the piston. INNAS has developed, designed, build and tested several free piston engines, with electric and hydraulic power output. Read more...


Floating Cup

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